Gîtes de la Tour Pujol  

The green pathway called Pyrénées-Méditérranée passes at the foot of the property and join the "Véloroute Vélittorale" (bike-road). This one connect the Nationnal Nature Reserve of Mas Larrieu to the suitable inlets situated between Le Racou and Collioure. 


We can help you to rent bikes. 



The name of Argelès is derived from the French word “argile” (clay) because the town was built on a clayey soil. This ancient city dating back to the 9th century stretches for nearly 10km along the Mediterranean sea: 7km of sandy coast from the Nature Reserve of Mas Larrieu to Le Racou, and 2km of rocky coast from Le Racou to the beach of L’Ouille. Five guided walking tours (very easy) are offered to give you the opportunity to explore the natural and cultural heritage of this authentic village.